Ways to Help


Your donation to the Sequim Learning Community creates a ripple effect of positive change. It directly fuels innovative programs, supports dedicated educators, and provides essential resources for students.

Your generosity is a catalyst for a thriving educational environment, empowering learners, fostering growth, and shaping a brighter future for the entire Sequim community.

Make a one-time or multi-year gift

Elevate education by making a lasting impact with a one-time or multi-year gift. Your contribution directly supports the Sequim Education Foundation’s mission, creating opportunities for student success and community growth.

Name SEF as a beneficiary of your estate

Leave a legacy of education by naming the Sequim Education Foundation as a beneficiary of your estate. Your foresight ensures a lasting impact, supporting future generations of learners in their pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

Designate SEF as your IRA or life insurance beneficiary

Secure the future of education effortlessly. Designate the Sequim Education Foundation as a beneficiary of your IRA or life insurance, ensuring that your financial legacy contributes to the educational growth and success of Sequim students.

Make a planned gift such as a charitable trust

Plan for a brighter future by making a thoughtful and lasting contribution. Consider a planned gift, such as a charitable trust, to the Sequim Education Foundation. Your strategic generosity will continue to support education initiatives and make a difference in the community.


Volunteering is the heartbeat of the Sequim learning community, infusing it with passion and support. Through the selfless efforts of volunteers, we create a dynamic environment where knowledge is shared, connections are forged, and students thrive. 

Each volunteer becomes a vital part of the educational ecosystem, contributing to a vibrant and collaborative community that nurtures growth, curiosity, and lifelong learning.

Become a Student Representative

Elevate your voice and impact by becoming a Student Representative with the Sequim Education Foundation. As a liaison between students and our initiatives, you’ll play a crucial role in shaping the educational experience, ensuring your peers’ needs and aspirations are heard and addressed.

Join a Committee

Fuel the engine of positive change by joining one of our dynamic committees. Whether you’re passionate about scholarships, community outreach, or event planning, your skills and enthusiasm can make a meaningful impact. Collaborate with like-minded individuals and contribute to shaping the future of education in Sequim.

Join the Board of Directors

Lead with purpose and vision by joining the Board of Directors at the Sequim Education Foundation. As a board member, you’ll have the opportunity to influence the strategic direction of our organization, contribute your expertise, and play a pivotal role in ensuring the success of our mission to enrich educational opportunities for all. Join us in making a lasting impact on the Sequim learning community.

Skill-Based Volunteering

Leverage your professional skills to benefit the foundation. If you have expertise in  fundraising, event planning, or any other relevant field, consider volunteering your time and skills to enhance the foundation’s impact.