Volunteers are the life blood of Sequim Education Foundation, every program or event we sponsor is made possible by volunteers. Our entire Board of Directors is made up of community members who give of their time selflessly.

Become a Student Representatives

Sequim Education Foundation (SEF) provides the opportunity for Middle School and High School students to serve on the board of directors of the Foundation as representatives of their respective student bodies.


  • Attend, for one year, the monthly SEF Board meeting from 7 to 8pm on the third Thursday of each month from September through June at the Sequim School District Board Room in the Administrative Building
  • Be an active participant on one or more committees
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to the board and be given a vote on individual matters as determined by the President
  • Representatives may enter any SEF competition but will not be allowed to participate in any pertinent Board actions or judging activities
  • Serve as a liaison to students at your building, communicating information about upcoming SEF events and fundraisers (ex. newsletters, morning announcements, posters, bulletins)

Interested students may fill out the SEF Student Representatives Application.

Join a Committee – Our board of directors is always looking for volunteers to work with them on upcoming programs & projects. A committee full of people who are excited and enthusiastic makes the activity come together quickly. E-mail to sequimeducationfoundation@gmail.com

  • Teaching Grants – Work with a committee of community members and organizations to learn about what new projects and ideas our educators would like to bring to our students and recommend grants to be awarded.
  • Film Festival
  • Scholarship – Work with a committee to select students for scholarships based on their applications.
  • Public Relations/Marketing
  • STEAM Powered Saturday – We are looking for a variety of professionals, organizations and scientists from the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) to supplement our efforts to promote interest in STEM subjects.
  • Science Cafe – Volunteer to be a speaker or suggest one! E-mail sequimscicafe@gmail.com to be added to the notification list.
  • Fundraising

Join our Board of Directors – Our board of directors is on the look out for people who want to be involved in a permanent fashion. If you are interested in joining the board please contact us; e-mail to sequimeducationfoundation@gmail.com