Debra Beckett
Science and STEM Elective Teacher at
Sequim Middle School

Please download and read the ENTIRE application because it includes a Frequently Asked Questions page with important information about submitting your application and grant report form, which is required for awarded grants.

Our application period is now open! Please submit your grants via email to sequimeducationfoundation@gmail.com or snail-mail to PO Box 3065 by May 1, 2023.

Teacher Grants Application


“I feel privileged to be able to support students in my classes and in the Science Fair Club to pursue science research projects. Being able to financially assist these students has allowed me to encourage students to strive for and implement rigor in their projects.”

Debra Beckett, Science and STEM Elective Teacher at Sequim Middle School

SEF funds collaborative projects that will result in expanded, well-coordinated learning opportunities for Sequim students. These projects will promote vibrant learning environments where students actively participate in creative problem solving and engaged learning, supported by the tools and teaching expertise that make learning meaningful and inspiring.

2016 Knowledge Bowl Team

“The grant has made a HUGE impact on Knowledge Bowl… Without the grant I would have had to limit the number of students that could participate… We have had two competitions so far, and Sequim has by the far the biggest teams in our ESD, bigger than all the 3A and 4A teams. It makes me feel so proud. Our top squad, has taken first place in both tournaments, beating out about 55 other squads… It has been a fantastic year so far, and we couldn’t have done it without this grant. Thank you so much.”

Laura Gould