Event Grant Application

SEF offers grants to support and encourage events that enhance student learning. The event should emphasize district and building goals and objectives for improvement.

Priority criteria:

  • Focus on improving student achievement.
  • Resource materials are reusable.
  • High ratio of number of students per dollar invested (across one grade or multiple grades).
  • Event would not happen without Foundation funding. Funding collaboration is encouraged.
  • Fine Arts (film making, art, drama, music, choir, etc)
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
  • English/Language Arts, Foreign Language

Key information:

  • A final report is required after completion of the event no later than June 1, following the year applied. If a grant report is not submitted, the recipient will not be eligible to submit a new grant application.
  • Photographs are respectfully requested.

Include the rest of the criteria from the grant application.

Examples of SEF funded events include

  • Film & Arts Festival
  • STEAM Powered Saturday
  • Family Reading Night